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About us

Hi-Tec Batteries is a totally independent marketer of batteries and has been since 2003. We pride ourselves on our personal and professional approach to everything we do. The Hi-Tec Batteries team works to provide each individual and company with the highest level of personalised service and knowledge. With a wide range of distributors and customers Hi-Tec Batteries are surfacing to be one of the fastest growing suppliers in the Australian market.
The Hi-Tec Batteries range is quite extensive, covering all areas of the industry from automotive, industrial, mining, marine, farming, motorcycles, golf carts, wheelchairs, laptops and cordless power tools. We also supply an extensive range of battery chargers, solar panels, invertors and all battery accessories. Hi-Tec Batteries is also the sole distributor of quick release OJOP battery terminals manufactured in Sweden, All Hi-Tec batteries products and services meet and exceed industry standards and specifications, so that you and your clients can be confident with the quality of all of the products.
As well as supplying products from reputable manufacturers in Australia, USA and Asia Pacific, Hi-Tec Batteries manufacture their own products from China in order to strengthen the quality available to the Australian market. As a result of worldwide demand on Chinese manufacturing, quality has significantly increased and has force many smaller mediocre factories to close, allowing Hi-Tec Batteries to select top of the range batteries from the largest state of the art plants and therefore guaranteeing reliable products of premium quality.
Hi-Tec Batteries has become the Sole distributor of Lithionics Batteries in Australia. It quickly become clear to the Hi-Tec Batteries team how privileged we were to launch such a revolutionary product here in Australia. The introduction of Lithionics batteries has seen the reduction in battery weight, charging times, reliability and with exclusive Never Die Technology it is clear that there is no battery currently so distinctive in the market. Lithionics batteries recognises the importance of safety, being the worldwide safety leader in Lithium Technology supported by UNDOT approval 38.3 since 2010.
Lithionics Batteries leapfrogs its competitors by offering a battery range to suit a large range of applications, renowned for their high power output and the never die feature ensures that the battery will ‘never die’. With the patented Never Die Technology, if an accessory such as internal light or headlight be left on, the battery would enter sleep mode with 20% reserved energy still available. Simply push the button and the battery wakes up, ready to start the engine. This causes no harm to the battery at all.
The team at Hi-Tec Batteries are proud to offer you the highest quality products, comprehensive service, advice, quick delivery and affordability. We look forward to helping you starting the day with Hi-Tec Batteries “The Positive Start”.
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